I am an enthusiastic 3D artist honing my skills in texture painting and
lighting for film, television and gaming. An environment that is exciting,
creative, challenging, and shows appreciation of the artist's work is what
gives me the ability to strive for my best in production. As much as I enjoy
modeling objects, my most rewarding work comes from researching,
unwrapping (yes, unwrapping), and applying textures that can fit any
style of work.

I take pride in my ability to achieve success as an individual artist and to
complete tasks with great accuracy and detail. Quick deadlines motivate
me to push harder yet my pride for detail allows for un-sacrificed
quality. Working collaboratively on projects with people
that share the same passion and imagination is
invigorating to me, and I believe it is
crucial to accomplishing
great ideas and work.

AaronNosan (at) gmail (dot) com


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